Here are three articles to get you thinking here at the end of the week. Have you come across any must-read blog posts lately? Share the link in the comments.

The always wonderful Laura Miller (author of The Magician's Book) addresses Vida's recent findings that there are fewer books written by women reviewed in literary publications. Part of the problem (and this was explored by Ruth Franklin in The New Republic) is that there are fewer books written by women in general. Franklin wrote: "magazines are reviewing female authors in something close to the proportion of books by women published each year. The question now becomes why more books by women are not getting published." Miller attempts to answer that question here. I have done some approximation of the study Miller suggests—asking men and women to list favorite authors or books—and I have to say that I agree with her results.

Newsweek has a roundup of quotes from people in the book industry on the topic that just won't go away—how e-books are transforming the biz. Surprise! Most of them don't think the physical book is "going anywhere."

We love lists at BookPage, and this one caught my eye if only because of the funny title: "The Top 50 Essential Non-Fiction Books for Weirdos," compiled on Geez Pete. It's a great, variety-packed list, and you can find additional info on many of the titles on

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