You may remember that we got some scoop on the movie adaptation of Emily Giffin's Something Borrowed back in April: Giffin was our May 2010 cover story, and fiction editor Abby was just as keen to talk about celeb gossip as then-new novel Heart of the Mater during their interview. Giffin told Abby that the book-to-film experience was "totally thrilling" for her and that she loved the casting.

The trailer for Something Borrowed was released today, so now readers can weigh in—do you think the casting is perfect?

Check out Ginnifer Goodwin as Rachel, Kate Hudson as Darcy, John Krasinski as Ethan and Colin Egglesfield as Dexter:

Don't miss our interview with Giffin about Heart of the Matter or a review of Love the One You're With. Giffin is the queen of the "What if" novel . . . which of hers is your favorite?

This May, are you going to see Something Borrowed in theaters? (I am!)

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