Just when we thought there was nothing new under the (dead) sun of post-apocalyptic literature, Tom Perrotta comes up with an addition to the popular genre. The Leftovers (St. Martin's) will be published in August, and we can't wait to read Perrotta's take on this tired trope. Apparently only 100 people were taken from the town of Mapleton, New Jersey, during a Rapture-like event, leaving the rest of the town feeling inadequate and a bit confused. Perrotta is known for his ironic take on modern life, and the idea of adding a supernatural twist to his oh-so-real suburban stories is tantalizing to this reader—and reminiscent of Meg Wolitzer's change of pace in her upcoming release, The Uncoupling.

This is one for the Most Anticipated Books of 2011 calendar.

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