If you've been keeping track of our Most Anticipated Books of 2011 (there's a calendar on the right sidebar of this blog, or you can see a big one here), then today is a happy day!

The first book on our list has been published: T.C. Boyle's When the Killing's Done. The novel is about a National Park Service biologist who is trying to keep invasive, non-native species from killing off endangered native creatures off the coast of Santa Barbara. Her task is complicated by a couple of characters who have other ideas.

Get a preview in this dramatic book trailer (fire! pregnancy tests! a rogue animal protector!):

BookPage reviewer Dan Barrett calls When the Killing's Done "a ripped-from-the-headlines page-turner" as well as "a careful study of two memorable antagonists." The book will appeal to fans of the topical, provocative novels of Jodi Picoult.

Are you going to read this one? (Doesn't that trailer make you want to go to California's Channel Islands?)

Also in BookPage: Read an interview with T.C. Boyle about The Women. Browse reviews of Boyle's past books.

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