Deadline reports that Steve Carell will be starring in the adaptation of Carolyn Parkhurst's 2003 debut, The Dogs of Babel. It's the story of linguistics professor Paul Iverson, whose wife dies mysteriously—with only the family dog as witness. The grief-stricken Iverson is convinced that if he can teach their dog to talk, he'll know the truth behind his wife's death. It's an interesting choice for Carell, since an intellectual, grieving widower is about the furthest one can get from his awkward "Office" alter ego, Michael Scott.

"In its theme, plot and occasional, uncomfortably gruesome detail, The Dogs of Babel bears some similarity to last year's most audacious exploration of grief, The Lovely Bones. One might even call this The Lovely Dog Bones," wrote Jay MacDonald in his 2003 interview with Parkhurst about the novel.

I'm sure Carell is hoping this film does better at the box office than the adaptation of The Lovely Bones did...are you interested in seeing The Dogs of Babel on screen?

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