BookPage readers love Captain Underpants. Know how I know this? My post last year about Dav Pilkey's book deal was one of our most-viewed posts of 2010.

Now, you should be thrilled to learn that I have some major follow-up news nearly a year after that post. Tracy van Straaten, Scholastic publicity director, reports:

Super Diaper Baby 2: Invasion of the Potty Snatchers by George Beard and Harold Hutchins (the fourth grade creators of Captain Underpants) will be published on June 28, 2011­­—just in time for summer reading!

The first Adventures of Super Diaper Baby, a spinoff from the wildly popular Captain Underpants series, was published in 2002 (there are now 3 million copies in print). Nine years is a long time to wait for the return of a teeny superhero. Luckily Pilkey has created a teaser video on how he made the cool cover art:

Stay tuned for BookPage's Q&A with Dav Pilkey this summer.

Are you (or some kids you know) going to check out Super Diaper Baby 2: Invasion of the Potty Snatchers

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