Have you recently come across any links worth sharing? Share away in the comments! Here are my favorites:

Linda Holmes of NPR's Monkey See blog has published a post to get you pumped up in the post-Oscar world: Your 2011 Books-Into-Films Lineup, From 'Eyre' To 'Water' To 'Desert'. And man, does this lineup of books-to-film look good. We already knew about We Need to Talk About Kevin and One Day and Jane Eyre, but what about Moneyball and Desert Flower and Too Big to Fail? I can already taste the popcorn . . .

If you've ever wondered about how to spot a first edition of a book, The Awl has a post on that very topic. Just out of curiosity: Are any readers of The Book Case collectors of rare books? (Signed copies, first editions, etc.?)

Novelist Sonya Chung has written an essay for The Millions on authors "who dare to leap the imaginative chasm of gender." She questions: Are they successful? How does one measure? She specifically looks at Annie Proulx's famous story, "Brokeback Mountain" (and excerpts a sexually graphic passage).

Benjamin Hale has written a novel that might take the cake for weirdest premise of the month: The narrator of The Evolution of Bruno Littlemore (reviewed here in BookPage) is an ape. The Westword catches up with Hale to ask him how he came to write from such an unusual point of view.

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