What links have you been forwarding this week? Here are a few worth sharing:

The Tournament of Books starts on Monday, if you can believe it. On the first day, we can look forward to a Pre-Game Primer with Kevin Guilfoile and John Warner, then Tuesday we're off with Jennifer Weiner judging Room against Bad Marie. I can't wait! Find the full bracket here, and start placing your bets.

I apologize for posting a link roundup that directs you to even more links—but that's what's great about surfing blogs, right? I always enjoy Greg of The New Dork Review of Books' monthly "Compendium of Literary Links," and February is no exception. In Greg's words: We'll attempt to debunk the idea that reading is overrated, we'll give you a new reading-related social network to check out, and we just might get you laid. Intrigued? Good! Check it out here.

In serious book news, there were a couple of major items this week. In one, HarperCollins President of Sales Josh Marwell posted an open letter to librarians about his company's new eBook policy, which stipulates that eBooks can be checked out 26 times before they expire. As you might imagine, librarians are responding. In this post, a library system in Oklahoma notes that sometimes physical books are circulated 100 times before being replaced or repaired.

The other big news item is that if you own an iPad, you'll now have access to 17,000 Random House titles in the iBookstore. Here's more from the LA Times on how the iPad 2 impacts readers.

Happy Friday! What are you reading over the weekend? I plan to spend a lot of time with So Much for That to prepare for an upcoming podcast.

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