Okay, okay, this trailer is not technically for West of Here, Jonathan Evison's new epic novel—and our March top pick for fiction. However, this video is about Jonathan Evison, and he does mention West of Here.

I wanted to share this video with you because it offers an intimate portrayal of Evison's writing process. We even get a close-up of his dogs waking up when the computer turns on at 5 a.m.! Also, I found Evison's thoughts on character development to be very interesting. (Although his line "I know when my characters are alive when they're literally alive" did make me chuckle.)

It seems that Evison's process of inhabiting his characters works. As Tony Kuehn writes in his BookPage review, "This book is a living, breathing testament to Evison’s singular talent for creating portraits of people who may be fictional, but nevertheless are so vital that one is certain their names must be in a historic register somewhere."

West of Here takes place in the late 1800s and in 2005 in the Olympic Peninsula of Washington state. You can read more about the plot in BookPage.

Will you read West of Here? Have you seen any good book or author videos lately?

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