A month ago, Trisha posted about singer-songwriter Josh Ritter's debut novel, Bright's Passage. The novel is on sale June 28 from The Dial Press, and it's about a World War I vet in Appalachia who has lost his wife and must care for their baby.

Now, you can get even more of a preview; Ritter has made the first chapter available for free download on his website.

I downloaded the chapter myself, and it became clear to me in a hurry that Bright's Passage has the feeling of a fable. The main character, Henry Bright, has a talking horse and is followed by an Angel. His baby son is the "Future King of Heaven."

The first chapter sets up the reader for, I suspect, a long journey with father and child. It made me curious to keep reading . . . what about you?

How important are first chapters to you? Even when you are disappointed by a first chapter, will you still keep reading?

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