We loved Alice Hoffman's latest book, a collection of linked stories called The Red Garden. And our reviewer, Maude McDaniel, hit the nail on the head when she articulated what makes Hoffman's writing great:

Somehow, without elaborate wordplay, she manages to communicate a yearning interpretation of the life we all live, opening the reader’s eyes to the otherworldly riddles that make things appear just a trifle askew—when we notice them, that is.

This week I was excited to learn that Hoffman is publishing a new novel in October of this year. The Dovekeepers is set in ancient Israel and will re-imagine the Romans' siege of Masada. For this novel, Hoffman is moving from Crown to Scribner.

This is not the first time Hoffman has tackled Jewish history. Her 2006 children's novel, Incantation, is about a Marrano during the Spanish Inquisition.

New novel, new publisher—are you interested?

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