The final book in Christopher Paolini's four-part Inheritance Cycle will be published on November 8, and Random House has announced that the title will be Inheritance.

If you're wondering whether reader enthusiasm is still high for a series started nearly a decade ago, I think Random House would say that the answer is "yes."  The publisher has announced a first printing of 2.5 million (!). Combined, the first three books in the series have sold more than 25 million copies around the world.

The first three books in the series are Eragon, Eldest and Brisingr.

As the series nears its conclusion, it's fun to look back at some of BookPage's coverage. In 2003, when James Neal Webb reviewed Eragon, Paolini was only 20 years old, and Webb commented on the "exciting beginning" of the author's long writing career.

Two years later, Jay MacDonald interviewed Paolini about Eldest, and the author appeared on the cover of BookPage. It's amusing to read Paolini's reflections on massive success at such a young age, and his answer to a question regarding his own personal Arya (a.k.a. love interest) made me smile.

Finally, in 2008, Karen Holt interviewed the author about Brisingr. During this conversation, Paolini spoke at length on the weight of his fans' expectations—a pressure that has only been elevated for book #4.

What are your expectations for Inheritance? Will you be part of the large number of fans who buy the book immediately on publication date?

What do you think Paolini will work on next?


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