Most of you probably know that BookPage sends out an e-newsletter every weekday called Book of the Day. We highlight a favorite book (fiction, nonfiction, romance or mystery/suspense) that's recently been released.

I can often predict which authors are going to be the most popular with readers—usually beloved bestsellers like Jodi Picoult or Maeve Binchy. Sometimes, though, I'm surprised by what captures your attention—especially when it's a debut or more obscure author. This week, Summer Wood's Wrecker was one such title.

Here's the opening paragraph from BookPage's review:

In 1996, then-First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton published her iconic book on child-rearing, It Takes a Village, which emphasized the necessity not only of good parenting, but also of unconventional families, of communities coming together to support children and of the many kinds of people that can make all the difference in a child’s life. Rarely has there been a better example of that message than Wrecker, a big-hearted novel about a boy who finds love and acceptance in an unlikely home. [Continue reading . . .]

Learn more in this video from Wood:

Do you want to read Wrecker?

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