Earlier this week, my book club discussed Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, John Berendt's classic nonfiction account of eccentrics and murder in Savannah, GA. Shortly after the group dispersed (and shortly before I started searching for B&Bs in Savannah), I did a bit of web research on Berendt. What's he been up to since publishing one of the longest running bestsellers on the New York Times list?

Well, first of all, he wrote The City of Falling Angels, a book that focuses on Venice. BookPage contributor Jay MacDonald interviewed Berendt about this book in 2005.

Then, I was delighted to learn that Berendt has a book coming out in June of this year, although the intended audience and cast of characters represent quite a departure. On June 9, Viking Juvenile will publish My Baby Blue Jays, Berendt's first book for children. Here's more from the publisher:

A blue jay building a nest outside his window prompts John Berendt to find his camera and record the familiar, yet always fascinating sequence of events that will unfold, from eggs being laid to chicks emerging and trying to fly. Children and adults alike will be astonished at the adventurous spirit of one particularly curious young blue jay as he ventures into the world. The author of the best-selling Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil brings his narrative skill to this up-close and delightfully informal account of an event that recurs each spring.

Hmm. Not what I was expecting from Berendt, although I can appreciate the joys of birdwatching. Are you birders out there going to check this one out?

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