Readers, it's about to be Poetry Month, and you know what that means—time to sign up for poem-a-day e-mails, read some verse and generally appreciate "the best words in their best order." (That's what Coleridge called poetry, and it's also the name of FSG's fine poetry blog.)

Every April, Knopf sends out a poem each day. (Click here to sign up.) Their video promotion for this service is too cute not to share: sends out a poem-a-day e-mail, too, and you should also check out their National Poetry Month website for information on new books of poetry, a National Poetry Map and more.

Add FSG's poetry blog to your Google Reader, as it will soon be buzzing with interviews, poetry discussions and more.

Finally, check out Diann Blakely's latest poetry roundup for BookPage, featuring dazzling new collections from Elizabeth Bishop, Billy Collins, Robert Pinsky and Major Jackson. For the younger set, Robin Smith has written about "sweet words for little readers." (Funny aside: Jack Prelutsky's A Pizza the Size of the Sun is perpetually in the Top 10 of's most-viewed list. So I know a lot of people out there love children's poetry!)

How will you celebrate Poetry Month? Do you have a favorite poem?

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