Have you read any interesting blog posts or articles this week? Here are a few click-worthy links that I've come across . . .

If you've ever felt like you're too old to accomplish a dream (for example: writing a book), then you'd do well to read this article about Stéphane Hessel, a 93-year-old best-selling essayist from France. It's never too late!

In the mood for something beautiful and innovative? Check out this gorgeous dress constructed from . . . Little Golden Books. The Project Runway fan inside of me thinks this is the most wonderful idea ever.

This link is for all of you who look forward to our Recipe of the Week posts. Raise your hand if you've Googled a recipe this week. Guilty as charged? (I certainly am.) I'll warn you that this post does contain some coding jargon, but it also provides a fascinating look at how home cooks use Google for finding recipes, and how Google's search function is biased toward speed and low-cal diets. Sounds great until you want to search for an authentic cassoulet—a recipe that should take four hours, but will not have a high ranking in Google.

If you have any interest in the world of self publishing, then you have no doubt been following the story of Amanda Hocking. The author of the Trylle Trilogy and My Blood Approves series, Hocking has made more than $2 million by self publishing her books. And then she dropped a bomb on the publishing world and signed a $2 million contract with traditional publisher St. Martin's Press. In this blog post, Hocking explains why she made the decision that she did.

Happy Friday! What are you reading this weekend? I'm hoping to cozy up with Anne Patchett's June novel, State of Wonder. Can't wait!

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