If the names Clary, Simon and Jace mean anything to you, then this is a very happy week, indeed . . . release week for City of Fallen Angels! (Also known as book #4 in Cassandra Clare's hugely popular Mortal Instruments series.)

BookPage contributor Emily Booth Masters interviewed Clare—who was on a retreat in Mexico—about her latest book. You can read the full interview on BookPage.com. Here's an excerpt, which includes a fact that was new to me: that Cassandra Clare is a pen name:

Considering her taste for the epic, Clare’s choice of Dante’s 14th-century poem for inspiration isn’t surprising. “I love Jane Austen, I love the Brontës. I love anything epic and gothic and thrilling,” she says.

Clare’s pen name comes from “The Beautiful Cassandra,” a Jane Austen short story. “Jane Austen is my favorite writer, and that’s why I picked the name Cassandra—and also because it’s not just a short story; it’s a short story she wrote when she was 13 or 14 years old, so it’s her teenage work.” Her love for Austen is clearly reflected in her own writing, and one of her current projects is “a non-fantasy, realistic updating of Pride and Prejudice.”

Sometimes it seems like Jane Austen updates are a dime a dozen (not that I'm complaining)—but I will certainly keep an eye out for one from Clare!

Are you a fan of The Mortal Instruments series? Have you already gotten your hands on City of Fallen Angels?

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