In an age of ebook controversy, it's nice to have a reminder that the book as a physical object is a thing to be treasured. We've posted about reworkings of classics before, but two new resdesigns of old favorites by talented modern artists have us longing to clear some space on the bookshelves.

First up, a new design for Kafka's backlist from Pantheon/Schocken that's hitting shelves in July. Art Director Peter Mendelsund designed these himself, with the eye image uniting the different jackets and a font that is a blend of Kafka's own handwriting and a typeface that was based on it. You can read all about the process—and Kafka's long history with Schocken books—on Mendelsund's blog.

In October, we have a new series of Penguin Deluxe Classics to look forward to: Penguin Threads. Artist Jillian Tamaki actually hand-embroidered prototypes of the jackets for three classics—Emma, Black Beauty and The Secret Garden—which Penguin then turned into gorgeous, embossed wraparound covers with French flaps. You can read more about the process, and see pictures of all three covers, on her blog. I can say with confidence that come fall, this edition of The Secret Garden will be mine.

Do you have a favorite jacket cover of a favorite classic? Is there a book you love that you think deserves a better cover treatment? Tell us in the comments.

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