Happy National Library Week!

This probably qualifies as "preaching to the choir," but who cares—it's always a good idea to praise libraries, especially as the American Library Association encourages us to "Create your own story @ your library" during this special week.

So please tell us: Why do you love libraries? What will you check out next from the library? Why are you grateful for librarians?

Here you can watch John Grisham, Honorary Chair of National Library Week, weigh in on why he loves libraries.

What do you have to add?

I've been a devoted library goer my entire life (thanks, Mom!), and now I try to pass on the passion. Just last week, the 10-year-old girl I mentor told me she wanted to do some science experiments. Not being very "science-y" myself, I went to the source I knew would give us a hand: the local library. We checked out books that gave us plenty of ideas and all the information we needed.

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