Since tomorrow is the last day of National Library Week, my first link of the week is this nice video produced by Open Road Media. In the video, Pat Conroy is interviewed about going to the library during childhood. His mother took him to the library, and "it was her example, in fact, that led him to appreciate literature." As a fan of Conroy, I can personally appreciate that example.

I never thought I'd post a link from the U.S. Postal Service, but there's a first time for anything. The next stamp in the Legends of Hollywood series features Gregory Peck in his role as—who else?—Atticus Finch. If you find yourself in Monroeville, Alabama (Harper Lee's hometown), on April 29, you ought to go to the postage stamp release party on the lawn of the Old Courthouse Museum.

A lot of people were oohing and ahhing over the New York Social Diary's collection of photos showing famous authors with their dogs (and they are pretty darn cute photos), but over at The Book Case we're glad that cats are getting their moment, too. As Trisha told me, it's a shame that cats are always the second act . . . but we're still happy to see these cute pictures of "Writers and Kitties."

What click-worthy links have you come across this week? Let us know in the comments—and we hope you have a book-filled weekend!

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