If you've picked up the April print edition of BookPage, you may have noticed the back page ad from LibraryLoveFest.com, the blog of HarperCollins' library marketing team.

Library Love Fest has generously sponsored a contest for BookPage readers during the month of April, and the prize is pretty nifty: You can enter to win a book for your personal library—and five books for your local library. Library Love Fest has posted the entry form, along with info about all the books that you are eligible to win.

You may recognize some of the titles from reviews in BookPage—like Philip Connors' Fire Season and Diane Mott Davidson's Crunch Time.

There will be 10 winners of this contest, so your odds are pretty good. Contest ends at the end of April, so enter while you can!

If you had the means to make any donation to your local library, what would it be?

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