Seems like recently I've read a lot of books that have significant scenes in cemeteries. Her Fearful Symmetry. The Hollow. Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.

If that's your cup of tea—maybe you love creepy stories, ghosts and atmospheric graveyard settings—then you might want to check out Amanda Stevens' The Restorer, book #1 in the Graveyard Queen series. Learn more in this decidedly spooky trailer. (I considered saving this one for next month's Friday the 13th, but the novel goes on sale today and I figured you might want to know about it now!)

Fun fact: Author Amanda Stevens is a wannabe taphophile—"tapho" = burial, grave; tomb; funeral. (I had to look it up.)

Are you into graveyard books? Will you look for this series?

Have you seen any good book trailers lately?

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