Big Girl Small by Rachel DeWoskin
FSG • $25 • ISBN 9780374112578
on sale May 10, 2011

A lot of people could probably say that they didn't fit in in high school, in one way or another. But the protagonist of Rachel DeWoskin's third novel, Big Girl Small, has us all beat: at 16 years old, she's three feet, nine inches tall, and she's embroiled in a major scandal.

But Judy would be unique no matter what size she was. From the beginning, her voice crackles off the page and joins the ranks of other memorable teen narrators.

Speaking of trouble, I once read that parents of kids with childhood leukemia suffer more posttraumatic stress disorders and recurring nightmares than the kids themselves do. I can see why. Watching your kid suffer has to suck at least as much as suffering yourself. If my mom could give me her legs, I bet she would. And I'd take them, too, because I'm that kind of person. I'd rip them right off, and use them to tower and hop above everyone like I was on pogo sticks. It's a fact, even though it's hypothetical, do you know what I mean? If she could, my mom would give her legs to me, and I would take them. And that's why I can never go home again, because having to watch me die of misery over this Darcy scandal might be even more hideous for them than it is for me, if that's possible.

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