Since so many people expressed interest in the Amish/vampire fiction idea when I posted about it last year, I wanted to let you know that your wait is (almost) over.

We just got the galleys of Plain Fear: Forsaken, by Leanna Ellis, which will be released by Sourcebooks in August. Although their cover image is a bit more restrained than my vision, I like to think that when that girl turns around we might see a resemblance.

The book came out strong, starting with the dedication:

For Reita,
Rest peacefully, my sweet friend


So I skipped straight to the page 69 test:


Blood spurted like an oil well gone amok.

Roc rolled his eyes and scrunched down in his seat, arms crossed over his chest. When would this movie end? Surrounded by the Amis teens he'd met a week ago, he laughed inwardly at their grunts and groans when axes split heads like melons—Hollywood probably used canteloupe and honeydew—but Roc had seen blood as thick as Log Cabin syrup, smelled death where the rotting odors forcecd him to smoke a cigar to counter its effect, and tasted the coppery tang of fear. This horror flick didn't come close.

His cell phone vibrated in his hip pocket, and he reached for it as he slid out of his seat and up the aisle, ogging through the swinging theater door and into the bright lights of hte lobby with its orange and purple carpet. "Roc here."

"Have the Amish converted you yet?" Mike's voice came over the line extra loud and Roc turned down the volume.

Roc paced in front of a row of gaming machines with Star Wars lasers and Terminator weaponry. "Yeah, I'm at a church right now."

"Well, say a prayer."

"What's up? Too early for the DNA test on New Orleans' Amish gal."

"A body was found. South of Promise."

Now that we know a little more about it, are you still interested in Forsaken?

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