In our office we've been cracking up today over the Onion's piece, "Author Promoting Book Gives It Her All Whether It's Just 3 People Or A Crowd Of 9 People." Authors out there: Funny, or too close to home?!

BookPage is a recommendation guide, so we don't post "worst" lists. That doesn't mean we don't enjoy the snark of others, though, and The New Dork Review of Books' post on "My Top Five Literary Nemeses" (think: Dan Brown and Celebrities Who Publish Fiction) made me chuckle.

Both of these links are a couple weeks old, but I still thought you'd be interested:

On Largehearted Boy, Adam Ross creates playlist for his novel, Mr. Peanut. Here's an excerpt on why he included "Heaven" by John Legend: "This is maybe the greatest song about making up after a brutal fight and it reminds me of the doozy my wife and I had after she read Mr. Peanut for the first time."

Finally, BookPage fave Ree Drummond (our February cover story) posted her Twenty Steps to Writing a Children’s Book. She should know: her picture book Charlie the Ranch Dog came out on April 26.

Happy Friday, readers! What book is on the top of your stack this weekend?

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