James Frey and Oprah met again earlier this week, as part of her "most memorable guests" series—and the talk show host offered an apology for her "lack of compassion" to the memoirist when he appeared on her show in 2006.

Frey opened up about the difficult times in the years since, including the tragic death of his infant son, but perhaps the most interesting revelation for book people like us was the glimpse into Full Fathom Five, the (controversial) company Frey started after his return to the U.S. There, young writers (and in the video they all looked quite young) work to develop Frey's ideas into books, video games and movies, in the style of Alloy EntertainmentI Am Number Four, their first release, hit the bestseller list and became a modestly successful film. Frey has already sold 10 projects from Full Fathom Five to HarperCollins.

Alas, the Full Fathom Five footage is not available online, but you can see other snippets from the shows on Oprah's site.

Did you watch James Frey on Oprah? Do you think that his two hours with Oprah made for good TV?

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