Whether she's writing about Passover at the White House or the First Lady's family tree, I always enjoy Jodi Kantor's stories for the New York Times. (Hey, whether you're liberal or conservative, it's still fascinating to go behind the scenes at the White House—as I've mentioned before.)

When looking at Little, Brown's fall lineup, I couldn't help but flag Kantor's The Obamas, which comes out November 1. Here's the description from the publisher:

Jodi Kantor takes us deep inside the Obamas' experiences as president and first lady, raising children, maintaining friendships, and being the first African-American residents of the White House. Filled with riveting reportorial detail, humor, emotional and psychological depth, and a keen eye for the ironies of public life, THE OBAMAS is an intimate portrait that will surprise even readers who thought they knew the President and First Lady.

Ever since I read this New Yorker piece about the Obamas' early marriage (the "tension between familiarity and mystery" line still makes me swoon), I have been fascinated by their relationship. What about you—will you pick up this book?

Little, Brown certainly hopes so. According to The New York Observer, Kantor got a seven-figure advance to write the book.

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