We are big fans of novelist Gary Shteyngart here at BookPage. Not only can Shteyngart write wildly inventive, insightful fiction—it turns out he can put together one heck of a book trailer, too. Last summer we blogged about his trailer for Super Sad True Love Story, featuring cameos by actor James Franco and authors like Jay McInerney and Mary Gaitskill. Now Shteyngart is back with another trailer—this one publicizing the paperback release of Super Sad True Love Story, on sale this month from Random House Trade Paperbacks (check out our review here). If you didn’t think he could top his last effort, you might just be surprised. Academy Award nominee Paul Giamatti co-stars as Shteyngart’s rooomate, but we think Shteyngart’s dog, Felix, steals the show. Click the image below to check it out and tell us what you think in the comments!

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