Nerd Do Well: A Small Boy's Journey to Becoming a Big Kid by Simon Pegg
Gotham • $27.50 • ISBN 9781592406814
on sale June 9, 2011

Any fan of comedy—especially of the quirky, British variety—will recognize the face on the front of this book jacket. Simon Pegg is the star of—and the genius behind—films like Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead. (If you've seen all of Pegg's films, may I recommend the entertaining sitcom "Spaced"?)

In a new memoir, Pegg recounts his unlikely tale from geek childhood to becoming the godfather of Apple Martin and starting a film career along the way.
It was never my intention to write an autobiography. The very notion made me uneasy. You see them congesting the shop shelves at Christmas. Rows of needy smiles, sad clowns and serious eyes, proclaiming faux-modest life stories, with titles such as This Is Me, or Why Me? or Me, Me, Me. I didn't want to do that, it's not really me. And who cares anyway? I don't, and I'm the faux-modest sad clown with the needy smile and serious eyes who has to write the damn thing. . . .

What I wanted to do was write fiction about a suave, handsome superhero and his robotic butler. The story of a tricked-out vigilante, with innumerable gadgets, a silver tongue and deadly fists; like Batman without the costume and a more pointed "gay subtext." Sure, it's not particularly original, but it's far more interesting than my life. I don't even have a robotic butler. Anymore.

How do you feel about celebrity bios and their "sad clown eyes"? What are you reading this week?

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