BookPage's August 2010 issue included a review of Douglas Perry's The Girls of Murder City, a "nonfiction marvel" that gives readers a "captivating look at the killer women who dominated headlines in Chicago and across the United States in 1924."

Reviewer Pete Croatto praised Perry's "bouncy, exuberant prose" and reminded us that gawking at scandalous trials and media fascinations are nothing new.

If you liked The Girls of Murder City, you'll be happy to learn that Perry has signed another deal with Viking to write Untouchable: The Rise and Fall of Eliot Ness. Here's more from the announcement on Publishers Marketplace:

[The book is] about the legendary Prohibition agent who brought down Al Capone, pioneered influential police techniques while battling mobsters, moonshiners, and public corruption, and met his downfall in an unsolved serial killer case that drove him to obsession; through sources who've never spoken publicly about the cult of Ness, the author reveals the heretofore-unknown complexity behind the do-gooder myth.

Want more juicy books on Chicago drama? See: The Devil in the White City by Erik Larson; Sin in the Second City by Karen Abbott; or Get Capone by Jonathan Eig.

Will you pick up Untouchable?

For more on Eliot Ness, watch this (semi-fuzzy) trailer of The Untouchables, the 1987 crime drama based on Ness's memoir of the same title. Kevin Costner is Ness and Robert De Niro is Al Capone.

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