I have found that books on youth culture, no matter the decade, tend to find similar ground in desperation and nostalgia, as well as the fact that there seems to be no cure for coming-of-age. Eleanor Henderson's debut novel Ten Thousand Saints (hitting bookshelves today!) seeks to capture New York in the 80's through a combination of an extensively-researched account on straightedge punk subculture and the story of Jean and the "achingly real" people he considers family.

The trailer from Ecco for Ten Thousand Saints grasps at the gritty side of late-1980's NYC:

Our reviewer wrote, "the novel shines when she focuses on the characters, whom she writes about with care and affection, digging below rough exteriors to find the source of their anger, frustration, boredom and indifference." Another accolade: Ann Patchett told us this was one of the best books she's read so far this year.

How do you remember the 80's? Does the trailer make you want to pick up the book?

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