On the Diane Rehm show earlier this week, Nashville's Ann Patchett mentioned her intention to open a bookstore here in town with Random House sales rep Karen Hayes.

"I don't know if I'm opening an ice shop in the age of Frigidaire," Patchett said in the interview. "But I can't live in a city that doesn't have a bookstore."

What the interview doesn't mention is that Patchett and Hayes were connected by BookPage publisher Michael Zibart. When Ann came to our offices for a video interview, she talked about the need for a bookstore in Nashville. Michael had just had a similar conversation with Hayes, who was already making plans to open an indie in town, and he got them in touch with one another. The rest is history (and hopefully a big boon for all of us readers in Nashville!).

Other scuttlebutt: based on what Patchett told the Boston Phoenix (as quoted by local alt weekly the Nashville Scene), the former Belle Meade Cafeteria is a top contender for location. Tentative name? "Parnassus."

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