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Reader name: Melissa
Hometown: Sunnyvale, CA
Favorite genre: Chick Lit, Thrillers
Favorite authors: Chuck Palahniuk, Jodi Picoult, Stephen King, Barbara Kingsolver, Jennifer Weiner, Stephenie Meyer, Chelsea Handler
Favorite books: Invisible Monsters, The Long Walk, The Bean Trees, Good in Bed, House Rules, Twilight, Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang, Fight Club, Christine . . .

There are SO many book recommendations we could make based on this list of favorite authors, but I'll try to narrow my suggestions to just a few titles I think Melissa will enjoy.

Chevy Stevens' Still Missing—about a Realtor's worst nightmare (being abducted at an open house)—was one of my favorite thrillers of 2010. The paperback came out a few weeks ago, and the sequel (Never Knowing) is out on July 5. It's one of BookPage's top suspense picks for summer.

On the lighter side, you can't go wrong with Jennifer Crusie (her wit and embracing of curvier heroines will remind you of Jennifer Weiner). We like Bet Me, about a woman who is wise to the bet her suitor is trying to win.

Finally, the Twilight fan would do well to read Elizabeth Kostova's vampire tale The Historiandescribed in BookPage as a "terrifying gothic thriller, enlightening historical novel and haunting love story."

I hope this list helps you add to your summer reading list!

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