BookPage is abuzz with prepping for ALA and RWA (not to mention proofing the August issue), but we still managed to do a healthy amount of web surfing. For your reading pleasure:

Katie Crouch (who also writes books for adults) and Grady Hendrix co-wrote The Magnolia League, and over at Slate they tell us why writing young adult fiction is "better than going to the prom."

On Plotters & Manipulators United (a blog co-written by romance authors Sherry Thomas and Meredith Duran), Meredith explains why her e-reader is her "personal Xanax for travel." She explains: "If I know I never will be without a book, I have no doubts about my journey."

I'm a little late coming to the Go the F*** to Sleep party, but this video of Werner Herzog reading the story out loud is pretty darn hilarious.

Yeah, yeah—we're all book-lovers, but you read magazines, too, right? Kevin Kelly, founding executive editor of Wired magazine (and author of New Rules for the New Economy) has put together a must-see, crowdsourced list of the best articles from magazines—most available to read online. The articles are divided by decade (starting with the '60s), and he's also put together a list of the top 25 "of all time."

Happy weekend! What are you reading this weekend? I am (finally) tearing my way through Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher.

Psst: Going to ALA this weekend? Don't forget to come say hello at booth #1546!

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