BOOM goes the long weekend! Will you be taking some time away from cooking out and playing with sparklers (or in my case, trying to calm down my dogs) for some good reading?

Check out some of our favorite links this week:

According to CNN, Conan O'Brien will be a comic book character! Bluewater Productions specializes in transforming famous figures into superheroes, and Coco's set for August.


Author Elinor Lipman (@ElinorLipman) might be a Twitter newbie but she's already making us giggle. She has pledged to tweet one politically-themed poem every day until the 2012 election ("Warning: 'twill be in couplets & 'twill rhyme."). Here's her first:

"In Waterloo, her natal place, We hear Michele will join the race.
Tho sure we knew this @ St. Anselm's I will admit: her suits are handsom

(PS - Check out our interview with Lipman.)


Valerie Gribben, who published her first novel, Fairytale, when she was seventeen and finished up the rest of The Fairytale Trilogy during college and medical school, suggests doctors make room for Grimm's Fairy Tales beside their medical journals. Read her article in NYT: "Practicing Medicine Can Be Grimm Work."

The Grimm fairy tales once seemed as if
they took place in lands far, far away, but
I see them now in my everyday hospital rotations.
I’ve met the eternal cast of characters. I’ve taken
down their histories (the abandoned prince, the
barren couple) or seen their handiwork (the evil
stepmother, the lecherous king).


We were surprised once with Meowmorphosis, the Quirk mash-up of Kafka's masterpiece -- and we are surprised again with the film adaptation of Metamorphosis, a "modern horror version" starring Nick Searcy and Matt Angel. Sounds very . . . goopey. Take a look at the movie website and check out the following video:


Do you have any cool links from this week to share? Reading any good books?

Have a great weekend!

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