A few weeks ago I posted a short response to Meghan Cox Gurdon's piece in the Wall Street Journal about the darkness of contemporary YA literature. In the blog post, I wrote:

If I had a teen daughter, I’d give her Lauren Myracle’s Shine over violent video games and movies—or, you know, the nightly news—any day of the week. Not to mention there are plenty of light and fluffy YA books out there—even many of Lauren Myracle’s other books!

At ALA in New Orleans, I was so pleased to meet Lauren Myracle in person. I dropped by the Abrams booth to interview her, and we talked about challenged books, Gurdon's article, Myracle's favorite things about being a writer and how libraries have been important in her life. If you can't tell, the interview took place on the floor—we're both sitting cross-legged about one foot away from each other!

Since our conversation, Myracle and Gurdon have appeared together on NPR's Talk of the Nation, where Myracle offered an apology for calling the WSJ piece "idiocy."

Did you listen to the interview on NPR? (I had to have a "driveway moment" when it came on.)

Do you agree with what Myracle said during our conversation—that it's better to make an impact and get people talking about things that make them uncomfortable than to be "vanilla pudding"?

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