When I tell people that I recently attended the Romance Writers of America conference, the comments I usually get in response are:
1) do romance novels actually include love scenes and
2) exactly how graphic are these love scenes?

To answer this question, I'll quote from the description of Harlequin Spice, the publisher of Collide by Megan Hart (which I'll get to in a second):

Spice Books is Harlequin's single-title imprint for appealing, intelligent erotic fiction for the modern woman who wants a great, sexy read. Authors must have, above all, superior writing skills as well as the ability to deliver believable, high-wattage sexual content set within the context of a unique and engaging work of fiction.

In other words:
1) Yes.
2) Very.

(Actually, the truth is it depends on the author and the imprint.)

Of all the authors I interviewed at RWA, Hart was the only one I asked about love scenes: What makes a good one? Find out in this conversation:

In addition to being a very, well, spicy read, Collide is the intriguing story of a woman traveling through time to meet her obsession, Johnny Dellasandro, the star of '70s art films. It went on sale at the end of June . . . will you pick it up?

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