If you're looking for a spunky, hilarious sleuth to entertain you for this final month of summer, I'd like to recommend Jaine Austen, the heroine of Laura Levine's mystery series.

Jaine's 10th adventure, Pampered to Death, is on sale today. In it, Jaine goes to a spa—which in reality is a weight loss center—and is forced to put her detecting skills to work when a B-list movie actress is murdered. (She's strangled with spa-healthy kelp, of course.)

BookPage reviewer Barbara Clark calls Jaine "a member in good standing of a select club of wisecracking female detectives, including famed fictional P.I.s Stephanie Plum and Kinsey Milhone." Just call it the "quick comeback school of detecting."

Who is your favorite female sleuth? Will you check out the Jaine Austen series?

Read more about Pampered to Death on BookPage.com.


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