Happy Friday, book-lovers! Here are some Internet tidbits we've been reading this week . . . enjoy!

Random House asked readers to tweet about the most undateable characters in literature using the hashtag #undateableinlit. They started it off with a classic character from Charles Dickens‘ Great Expectations:

“Let’s give ‘undateable' a bookish twist. We’ll start: wearing a wedding dress every day since being left at the altar. #UndateableInLit.”

Huffington Post has assembled a collection of some of the funniest tweets.


I read some great articles this week on the printed book. This piece from the Chicago Tribune suggests publishers fight back, guns blazing, against the onslaught of e-reader advertising with their own ad campaigns.

Brooklyn-based indie publisher Melville House has started a project called HybridBooks, which gives print books some of the perks and secondary information previously only available on e-readers. The use of a Quick Response barcode will allow readers to access extra features, or "illuminations." They are launching the project with five novellas, each titled "The Duel" but written by five different literary masters.


And even though it's an older article, we wanted to suggest a reading retreat! This post from Laura Miller at Salon.com encourages "getting away from everything but your books." Doesn't that sound lovely?

What will you be reading this weekend?

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