It's always exciting to see the announcement of a new Mo Hayder novel. Hayder's last mystery, Gone, was our Top Pick in the February 2011 Whodunit column. Her next book is called Hanging Hill and will be published by Grove in February 2012 (it was published in the UK by Bantam this April).

This one's a standalone about sisters Sally and Zoe. Sally is a wife and mother whose husband's wealth has sheltered her. Zoe is a detective inspector in Bath with a shady secret past beneath her squeaky-clean and solid present. But when Sally's daughter is threatened, her world changes and she reaches out to Zoe for help, forcing her sister back into a dark world that Zoe thought she'd escaped forever. You can find out an excerpt here.

Hayder excels at creating complicated, strong female characters, and Hanging Hill sounds like one of her best. Will you pick it up?

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