Here at BookPage, we like Barbara Kingsolver so much we have put her on our cover not once, but twice: once in May 2007 (at the publication of Animal, Vegetable, Miracle) and once in November 2009, when The Lacuna came out.

Kingsolver is one of those authors who truly grabs her readers and drops them into a fully-developed world of characters and setting. I remember being daunted by the length of The Poisonwood Bible when it appeared on my 11th grade summer reading list (hindsight: how lucky was I?). Before I knew it, though, I was absorbed by the story of the Price family and blown away by Kingsolver's descriptions of the Congo.

This week, I was thrilled to learn some details about Kingsolver's next novel, titled Flight Behavior. Here's a plot description from Publishers Marketplace:

Set in a small town in Tennessee, [the novel is] about a young woman who happens upon a forested valley filled with silent red fire, and whose attempt to share the wonder and find an explanation throws her into a spiraling confrontation with her family, her church, her town, her continent, and finally the world at large.

I am happy that Kingsolver's book will have a rural setting; the better to give the author a chance to display her knowledge of ecology—a part of her writing I have always enjoyed. (Think Prodigal Summer.)

Flight Behavior will be published in Fall 2012. Are you looking forward to it? What do you like best about Kingsolver's work?

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