If you've been keeping track of our 25 most anticipated books for fall, you'll know that a biggie—The Leftovers by Tom Perrotta—comes out tomorrow. I say "biggie" because:

a) A new novel from Tom Perrotta is always exciting (he wrote Election and Little Children).
b) BookPage interviewed Perrotta for our September cover story.

BookPage contributor Alden Mudge talked to Perrotta about his reputation as a satirist ("Election is a comic novel but it’s not a satirical novel . . . Because Election first brought me to the attention of most people, I’m in this box: People think of me, they think of Election, and they think of the movie.”); how his use of language has matured through the years; and how his latest novel is different from The Road.

The Leftovers is about what happens after a group of suburban New Jersey residents are taken from their town in a Rapture-like event. Mudge uses bold words to praise the book, calling it Perrotta's "most audacious and best novel to date."

Are you going to pick up The Leftovers this week? After you read it, let us know what you think. (For another opinion, see Stephen King's cover story in the New York Times Book Review.)

By the way, I saw the September issue of BookPage in a Nashville Public Library branch as recently as last Thursday. Check our interactive map to find out where you can pick up a hard copy of BookPage near you.

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