Happy Friday, readers! What are you reading this weekend? I've finally gotten my hands on The Marriage Plot by Jeffrey Eugenides, so I know what I'm doing . . .

Here are a few links to jump-start your weekend reading:

The internet has been buzzing about a blog post on Publishers Weekly's Genreville blog about YA Agents saying "No" to novels with gay characters.

On Colleen Lindsay's blog, The Swivet, book agent Joanna Stampfel-Volpe responded to the post—apparently she was an agent who considered the LGBTQ project, and she says the original post got it wrong. (Lindsay is a member of the business development team at the Penguin Group.)

Read both posts for yourself and see what you think.

In goofy, hilarious, awkward news, romance author Susan Anderson has responded to a typo in her novel, Baby, I'm Yours. Let's just say that it would not be appropriate to print the typo here on The Book Case—and Anderson's response had be cracking up for a good couple of minutes.

Finally, in the inspirational category, I bring you a guest post from Julia Glass, one of my very, very favorite authors. To commemorate the paperback release of The Widower's Tale, author Meg Waite Clayton posted Glass's essay on her path to publication. The moral: If at first you don't succeed. . . It's an inspiring story, and it makes me love Glass even more.

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