The Language of Flowers is "a story that needs to be told"—that of one of the 20,000 teens who grow too old for the foster care system and find themselves suddenly alone at age 18. Debut author Vanessa Diffenbaugh couples her passion for foster care with the Victorian symbolism of flowers in a story that is, according to our reviewer, "visceral and deeply touching."

The story is told in flashback by a former foster child who found a way to express her deepest emotions through the secret meanings of flowers. Read more in our interview with Vanessa Diffenbaugh.

The book trailer from Pan Macmillan is so pretty, and while it may not capture the intensity of Diffenbaugh's novel, it certainly embraces its heart:

The website mentioned at the end of the video allows you to send your own message via the secret language of flowers. Maybe a little hokey, but certainly a great way to let a friend know about this fantastic new book!

Will you be picking up a copy?

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