Being famous has never seemed that attractive to me—but after seeing these pictures, I might have to reconsider. These 20 celebrity home libraries, which have been making the rounds on several book blogs this week, will dazzle. Do you think Jimmy Page's music library belongs on the list? What's your favorite? Personally, I prefer the messy ones, like Nigella Lawson's, although I'm also partial to anything with a ladder.


Galleycat's roundup of 5 free university-level writing courses—published on YouTube—might have you second-guessing the need for that MFA program.


And audiobook nuts will want to check out this free podcast from the BBC: a dramatization of Vasily Grossman's Life and Fate, read by Kenneth Branagh and David Tennant. Apparently this 1960 novel about the battle of Stalingrad was so alarming to the KGB that they actually locked up copies of the book!

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