We know our readers love suspense; our thriller-oriented contests nearly always get more entries than any other genre (see: Sandra Brown and George Pelecanos and Laura Lippman), and I routinely receive book fortune requests from readers who are eager to discover a new mystery author.

There's only so much room in the print edition of BookPage, though, and each month we can only cover four books in the Whodunit column. However, we are able to cover more suspense—from grisly to cozy—on BookPage.com. Here are a couple new releases we're happy to recommend:


The Burning is the U.S. debut by author Jane Casey and will appeal to fans of Tana French and Sophie Hannah. In a recent review, BookPage contributor Barbara Clark praised Casey's "deft characterizations and engrossing backstory," and also noted that while this book kicks off with a gory crime scene typical of the genre, it morphs into a "compulsively readable character study" that she couldn't put down.

The Devil's Puzzle is the fourth book in the Someday Quilts series by Clare O'Donohue, and it does not disappoint. O'Donohue—who has also worked as a producer on HGTV's "Simply Quilts," manages to combine fascinating quilting trivia with a compelling mystery (and a dash of romance!). As Clark writes for BookPage, "Both real and wannabe quilters will be delighted at the lore and explanations of this historical craft that are inserted neatly into the text, adding color and depth to the plot."

What mysteries are you reading lately? After mailing out yesterday's spooky-themed XTRA, I've heard that many readers like to up the mystery and suspense in their October reading. Are you among that group?

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