In May, BookPage interviewed Mitchell Zuckoff about his book Lost in Shangri-La, the amazing true story of a crash landing in the New Guinea jungle at the end of World War II. I loved Zuckoff's explanation of how he came across this part of history—and why he chose to write a book about it:

“It was about seven years ago. I was searching online newspaper databases, particularly The Chicago Tribune, to see what else was happening around the same time.” That’s when he encountered a series of stories on the crash and rescue written by the Tribune’s war correspondent, Walter Simmons. “It was almost comic strip-like,” he recalls. “My eyes were bulging, my jaw dropped to the floor and my tongue rolled out. By the time I pulled myself together, I knew I couldn’t pursue the other story.”

Now, Zuckoff has found his next story, and fans of Lost in Shangri-La will be happy to learn that it focuses on another plane crash! (Three, in fact.) Called Frozen in Time: The True Story of the Race to Recover Lost Heroes of World War II, this "action and adventure tale" will be about "three drama-filled US plane crashes in Greenland during WWII, the overlooked story of the US Coast Guard and Greenland during the war, and the modern story of an expedition to penetrate the Greenland ice cap to recover one of the planes and the remains of the three airmen."

Frozen in Time will be published in 2014. Are you a fan of true-life adventure stories? Do you have any recommendations for fans of Lost in Shangri-La? (Hey, how about my other favorite book from 2011 with the word "Shangri-La" in the title . . . Radio Shangri-La? It's about a very different kind of adventure, but an adventure nonetheless!)

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