If witty literary lists are your thing (and if you're reading this blog, they probably are!) you shouldn't miss Flavorwire's roundup of literary couples who would date in real life. Example: Jo March and Rhett Butler.


How far can a friendly literary rivalry go? Jonathan Franzen pushed the limits during an interview with the New Yorker's David Remnick in which he oh-so-casually implied that David Foster Wallace fabricated parts of his essays. You can find a thorough breakdown of the interview at the Awl—it's fascinating reading. (You can watch a video excerpt here.)


As the popularity of ebooks rocks the traditional publishing and bookselling worlds, new models are emerging. Two recent entrants caught my interest. The first, The LitPub, is an "online community bookstore" with a curated list of books they recommend. Some can be purchased through their site; others are outsourced to Powell's or Amazon. More on the LitPub's mission and ambition is found here.

The second is Emily Books, a site founded by Emily Gould and Ruth Curry. Emily Books sells ebooks only—they'll select one a month to highlight. Readers can buy a year's subscription and get all 12 books, or purchase them individually.

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