Jennifer Weiner's latest project demonstrates one of the digital revolution's biggest benefits—when inspiration strikes an author, readers don't have to wait two years to reap the benefits.

Weiner had an idea for a creepy short story on Tuesday, October 25. By Friday morning, after a five-hour writing binge and a two-day back-and-forth with her editor, agent and cover designer, Weiner had an ebook ready to be uploaded to online retailers. "Recalculating" goes on sale today for 99 cents on AmazonB&N and iTunes.

What's it about? Weiner explains on her site:

An abused wife. A dead husband who doesn’t want to stay dead. A gift-wrapped box in the attic…and a GPS that starts telling its new owner to make some seriously wrong turns.

Definitely an eerie premise. And the title is just perfect. Will you download it?

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