Generally at the Book Case we try to stay above tabloid gossip. But when one of the biggest literary names around decides to start joking about Kim Kardashian's divorce, it's impossible to resist sharing.

Salman Rushdie also hosts a twitter thread called #LiterarySmackdowns, which pits two classics against each other every Monday. This week, it was American Pastoral vs. Portnoy's Complaint. (To find out who won, you'll have to visit the thread.)


Here at BookPage, we've pretty much been drooling over any Hunger Games movie-related news for at least a year. So, when we heard that Vanity Fair scored a photo shoot with the cast—and posted the photos online—it was music to our ears. Check out the photos here, and don't forget to hover your mouse over the various actors. The shot is interactive, and you can read info about each actor (and their role in the movie).


What literary links have you enjoyed this week?

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